Monday, February 18, 2008

Use the Sun's Power on Power-Outages

There you are working away and a rolling "Brown-Out" occurs or an outright power failure and it's the middle of winter! You have several choices: Freeze, go to a shelter, trust the Sun's Power for your Power!
Whaaat??? For the cost of a few hundred dollars and a little elbow grease, you can build yourself a backup power that will at least give you the ability to have lights and maybe a little more power for other things.
We're talking about building your own Solar Energy Charging Backup Power System!
This can be as small system that provides power for your laptop and cell phone if you wish or you can go nuts and convert you're entire house!

In a nutshell you'll need:

  1. Deep Crank 12 Volt Battery used for Boats,
  2. Solar Energy to charge the Deep Crank Battery,
  3. Power Inverter to change the DC current to AC,
  4. And possibly an extension cord to connect your devices.
Now, of course we've included links to where you can easily purchase your equipment in this article!

We'll assume that you want to start small. Use safety precautions when building this system and wear gloves as well as safety goggles!

  1. Connect the Solar Panel according to it's instructions to the Deep Crank Battery,
  2. Connect the Power Inverter according to it's instructions to the Deep Crank Battery as well,
  3. Connect your extension cord to the Power Inverter and away you go!
In most cases, you should have 8 to 10 hours of power. Grass Roots Castle (GRC) has used this system on their campers for a number of years and we run our heater, lights and other electronic equipment on a day's charge. Even when it's overcast you still receive the UV rays necessary to charge your system. So, even in winter this system is able to sustain itself!

If you'd like to convert you're entire house over to this type of system there are numerous books on Converting your house to Solar!

Thank you for your attention and time! Have a great solar day!

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