Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dealing with raw sewage

Human waste to animal waste can be used for everything from fuel to generating electricity! That may come as a shock for most of you but recovery and conversion systems can use raw sewage to provide these necessities! And you can build and/or buy these systems for your home to supply you fuel and power!

Let's look at fuel generation from raw sewage. One method is know as Methane Recovery Systems which takes human waste and recovers the methane gas from decaying matter. It does this by taking the gas produced from human waste material and compressing it into a safe methane storage tank. This tank can be connect to the home and used for heating and cooking. The only thing it requires as stated above is human waste.

Another use of this waste either human or animal, comes from a technology known as Microcellular Fuel Cell Generators. These fuel cell generators have very few parts to them which consist of an electrolyte, such as concentrated phosphoric acid and a silicon carbide matrix is used to retain the acid while both the electrodes which also function as catalysts are setting in both the acid on one side and sewage on the other. As the microbes break down the sewage they release charged particles that flow through the membrane matrix and gather on the electrodes.
Sounds complicated huh? The good news is that you can buy these Fuel Cell Kits and decide what level of fuel cell you'd like to apply to your current living needs.

You can even train your cat to use the facilities to help generate power! Now there's a novel idea! Having your cat do some work that benefits the entire household!

Thank you for your time and attention! Have a great Grass Roots Castle Day!

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